Author: Sridhar Rangaswamy called “Sri” Aka Dr. Just Kidding

Date: May 15th 2018 for World Hindu Congress movement

The Impact of Education in the Hindu Community

Education has been the backbone of the development of many economies right from the beginning of time, and while it wasn’t considered as a thing of necessity many years ago, times have changed. China, United States of America, Switzerland, and Denmark – these countries have developed from the scratch all thanks to education. It’s about time the Hindu community joined in on the trend!

The Educational Gap within the Hindu Community

Research have shown that Hindus are one of the least educated when you look at the major world religious groups. However, this cannot be said for Hindus everywhere, especially those that have migrated to more economically developed countries.

Some South Asian countries, like Nepal and Bangladesh, have tried in many ways to raise the educational standard of their economy even with the hovering challenge of poverty. In these countries, we see Hindus aged 25 years and older having only an average of 5 years of formal education.

Let’s take a minute to look at those currently living in other parts of the world; Hindus living in North America, Europe, and many other developed countries have been seen to be highly educated. In the actual sense, they are more educated than non-Hindus within the country, having formal education and even post-secondary degrees. This trend can even be noticed in the U.S., Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Though this looks like a great start for the Hindu community, there is still a lot to be done because Hindus make up only a minute section of the population of these countries.

What Hindus Stand to Gain from Better Education

What is the purpose of education? Now, I’m not just asking for the Hindu community alone but for the global economy. The basic aim of being educated is to acquire knowledge; knowledge that liberates you and gives you that peace within. But, not everybody knows this!

Education isn’t just about scoring the highest mark in an examination or getting admitted to study medicine, engineering, or any other professional course. Just like the saying goes “knowledge is power” but that’s not all it entails. With proper education, you can be contented and happy.

That said, how does proper education help the Hindu community?

·      Provides proper intellectual progress

·      Equips Hindus with professional skills needed to run businesses

·      Preserves and develops moral values

·      Helps develop an awesome personality with an outstanding character

·      Improves the Hindi heritage and helps pass the culture down to the next generation

·      And of course, helps Hindus become better citizens of whatever country they might find themselves.

The many benefits of education to the Hindu community goes way beyond those mentioned above, but these alone are good enough reasons to elevate the educational standard of Hindus all over the world.

In conclusion

We are in the 21st century and things are advancing rapidly. The Hindu community, to match with this rapid growth, has to improve their educational standards. Right from the little children to the adults, education has to be a priority.

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