We are working towards building Shirdi Sai Baba’s temple on HIS 100th Anniversary [1918 – 2018]. If it’s Baba’s will, it will happen.

We would like to start small. On up till today, by Baba’s grace and guidance, from the year 2000 to now, we have not involved with money at all.

Our goal is to build a community center that focuses on Baba’s Leelas, deeds and works in an authentic way. We want it to be a single point of contact for Shirdi Sansthan in North America – from the United States to Canada.

If you or anyone you know is willing or interested, please see our contact information HERE.

We are a registered non-profit organization with a 501© (3) by Baba’s grace and guidance.

We have conducted few times Utsav and coordinated for other Shirdi Sai events in and around Florida.

We are thinking this would be a great place to start here in Central Florida and then expand on up to Hanahan or anywhere in South Carolina as well.

We would like to unite everyone in this process as a devotee. We’re not looking for people to be in positions or power. We want to remain totally humble in front of Shirdi Sai Baba and HIS Devotees.

Any suggestions or input are welcome. We have also started GoFundMe as well.

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