Article by Sridhar Rangaswamy called “Sri” AKA Dr. Just Kidding -Political Activist and running for Office in United States.

The Impeccable Influence of the Hindu Community on the United States

The United States – the home for literally every race, tribe, and religion. Every immigrant has their own tale, and while some have played a huge role in making the United States a better place, others might have not. But, the Hindu community just happens to be one of the many religions that have played a huge role in the development of the United States.

Let’s go back a few decades ago; the immigration of Indians into the United States, over 50 years ago, is a unique occurrence on several fronts. In regards to population, the Hindu community is the current largest source of new immigrants to America, making them stand ahead of Chinese and even Mexicans. Also, they can be regarded as the top educated group in the United States.

So, what makes the Hindu Community Stand Out?

One of the interesting things about the Hindus is how they have been able to stay out of the many hostilities that other large groups of immigrants, like Muslims and Jews, have been challenged with. This alone singles them out from the crowd!

However, with the rate at which Hinduism and the Hindu community continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time before they stop being under the radar. There are subtle signs of this happening already!

The Hindu Community and Politics

As the Hindu community within the United States has grown over the years, it has been able to gain political sophistication. Now, you might be wondering “how?” Well, the answer is simple! Over time, the Hindu community has been able to develop groups like the Hindu American Foundation which, alongside their geographical concentration, has the ability to build significant voting blocs in different regions within the United States.

With this, Hindus have not only been able to infiltrate politics in the United States, but also have a strong stand. And, with its continuous growth and blossom, the Hindu community might just be what politics in the United States need to ensure stability and progress.

Where is Hinduism Today?

In 1900, there were only a little bit over 1500 Hindus within the United States and this was only seven years after Vivekananda, an Indian Hindu monk, stepped into America. That was many years ago and now, we have over 2 million Hindus who have found a way to make the US their home.

A number of the recent immigrants were able to come to America after a new immigration law, which eradicated a quota system, was passed in 1965. The Hindu community continues to grow day after day and seems to be playing an important in the economy of the United States.

In Conclusion

This rising number of the Hindu community does not stand as a threat to the United States, but instead, it is just another medium for prosperity. With Hindus involved in leadership roles like senatorial and mayoral duties, there will be a broad consensus among a number of people about religious and cultural matters. This will cause a much-needed elevation in the social environment.

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